Alefiya Kachwalla and Annushka Hardikar are Transforming Pune’s Shutters

Posted By Cavin Milkshake On Wed, Aug 7, 2019

City streets in India are often lined with dirty buildings and walls covered with posters and stains. However, there are a few cities where artists have taken an initiative to clean building walls and shutters and paint them with artistic designs. In a similar effort to make their city more beautiful, two women from Pune, Alefiya Kachwalla and Annushka Hardikar are using plain shutters in the city’s Ravivar Peth locality as their canvas to create gorgeous street art.

The two artists have collaborated with others and have named their project ‘A Fresh Coat’. Their team has already painted shutters of stores in the neighbourhood with stunning images, inspired by the type of stores. “Kings Paper” which is owned by Kachwala’s family- now displays a spectacular shutter with an array of colours.

They wish to resuscitate the splendor of the ‘peths’ and make them appealing to the people and tourists. They have transformed 20 shutters and will soon begin the next phase with their crowdfunding campaign.

Cavin’s commend the efforts of Alefiya Kachwalla and Annushka Hardikar, who are truly the champions of goodness for their tenacity to make a difference to their neighborhood.

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