Meet Babar Ali- The World’s Youngest Headmaster

Posted By Cavin Milkshake On Fri, Jul 26, 2019

In India, there are millions of kids who are being denied a good education just because they come from a poor background. In 2002, a young boy named Babar Ali from Beldanga town in Murshidabad, West Bengal saw this with his own eyes and decided to make a difference. He started teaching poor kids who worked as rag pickers under a tree in a backyard.

When he began teaching, there were only eight kids, including his sister, but over time more students started joining as they grew fond of him and enjoyed his classes. His teachers also encouraged him when they got to know about his effort. Till date, Babar has taught more than 5,000 children from Classes 1 to 8. Today, his effort to educate poor kids has made it to school textbooks making him a hero among the masses.

We salute Babar Ali, a champion of goodness for his resolve to continue teaching poor children across India.

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