Piran Elavia- Bridging the Barriers Between North East and Mainland India

Posted By Cavin Milkshake On Fri, Aug 9, 2019

A few years back, most people living in mainland India had little knowledge of the Northeastern states. However, today several people are traveling to states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Sikkim to explore the untouched beauty of the Northeast and people like Piran Elavia are responsible for removing the apprehensions associated with the region.

Piran decided to quit his corporate job back in 2008 and took a sabbatical to work with an NGO in Sikkim. After working in Sikkim for a few months, he decided to go to Manas in Assam and work with the Bodo community. In 2010 he founded Kipepeo a socially inclined enterprise that encourages community-based tourism in the Northeast and brings about an impartial society and a sustainable environment through tourism.

Piran’s organization encourages tourists to stay at local homestays, purchase locally made products, and train the locals to run these ventures. However, the locals were initially apprehensive about a large number of tourists coming to the Northeast, as it could be devastating for both local communities and the environment. Piran’s organization is preventing this from happening by bridging the cultural gap that exists between the rest of India and these communities.

Piran Elavia is indeed a champion of kindness as his vision of bridging the gap between Northeast India and the outside world has led to the overall development of the region and Cavin’s salutes his grit and determination.

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